David Savory is a Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist with expertise in agricultural, business, engineering, environmental, socio-economic, and transportation applications of GIS and allied technologies. He has more than 20 years experience working on a variety of domestic and international GIS projects. His skills encompass all aspects of geo-spatial projects including GIS project design, spatial database design, data acquisition & conversion, web mapping applications, geo-spatial analysis, spatial modeling and GIS needs assessment.

David has worked with a variety of GIS tools, but primarily utilizes the ArcGIS suite of products & Google's mapping tools. His experience with ArcGIS is extensive and includes geodatabase design, development of ArcServer websites, and spatial analysis and modeling.  Academically, his background spans the disciplines of agriculture, biology, chemistry, geography, soil science, and viticulture.

Throughout his career, David has worked independently on assignments involving a combination of project planning, database design, spatial analysis, application programming, presentations and report writing.  He has also had many opportunities to teach hands-on GIS skills and manage both students and technicians.  

David's experience in international development includes 2 years in Bangladesh working on environmental and water resource GIS applications and 3 years in Ghana developing a nationwide soil map database and assisting in the development of a GIS-based land suitability model for agriculture. In addition, he spent time in Laos providing training and assistance in urban planning applications and Ethiopia where social workers were given basic training in the use of GIS software for socio-economic mapping. 

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